Keely Seaverson (aka Kiki, Koko, Keelbop, Keekle) is the operations manager at IARC and a licensed attorney. She has been a part of the IARC team since 2006. Keely is an integral part of our team!  She always has a smile on her face and always has the answers we need no matter how many questions we relentlessly throw her way. “WWKD” is an honorary catchphrase, of sorts, as we often ask “What Would Keely Do?” She guides and supports us and truly believes we are one team with one dream.  We are thankful each day for Keely’s leadership. 

What is the best part about your job or why you love working for IARC?

The best part of my job is absolutely all of the relationships it adds to my life – our team, our surrogates, our parents, and the kiddos that we help bring into this world – my life is so much brighter because of all of you!

Have a coworker describe you. IP Coordinator Jillian had this to say about Keely:

“Keely is a confident and strong woman with a balanced perspective and positive outlook.  She is a role model to all of us in the office and cares about mentoring us to be our best in all aspects of our lives.  Keely has 2 beautiful children who motivate her to work hard and also to remain balanced in her work-life responsibilities.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I’ve worked at IARC since I was 20 years old – going on 13 years!  I’ve gotten my law degree, gotten married, and had my son and daughter in that time – all while learning from and working alongside my dad, who happens to be IARC’s Director Steve 🙂  I’m very grateful to partner with him to help others build families!


What is an IP or SU story that motivates you in your work?

In my very early days, we had a surrogate and parent who got pregnant on their first embryo transfer that then tragically resulted in a stillbirth at 21 weeks.  The surrogate was so incredibly strong and loving, and she almost immediately told the parents she wanted to keep trying with them.  After several more attempts and months of trying, she had a little boy for that family.  And then a little girl two years later.  I walked those journeys with them as their coordinator and friend, and we are all friends to this day.  It is why I do what I do!

If you could do someone else’s job in IARC for a day, who would it be and why?

I’m fortunate to have done every job here at IARC, and I absolutely love what I do now, which is to support our team so they can give their best care and support to our surrogates and parents!

Three things I would struggle to live without are……………………..

COFFEE, music, and our MN Summers (and of course my kids and my husband 😉 )

Who or what inspires you?

Strong women!  Surrogates, that absolutely includes you! 🙂