Bridget Compton

Bridget is a two-time surrogate who joined the IARC team in 2021. She knew she wanted to work for IARC, after attending her first surrogate-social event back in 2019. She was so touched by how compassionate, caring, and selfless, all the people in that room were. To be a piece in the puzzle of creating a family for someone, is a HUGE honor and such a humbling experience. She is 6’1 and is married to her short husband Pete. She is a mother to 2 stepchildren, and 2 of her own. Bridget believes that life is no fun unless you are laughing, so make it a point to do that every day! She is a huge foodie and loves to spend all her money on fancy dinners and wine pairings. She loves the North Shore and will jump into Lake Superior any chance she is given! She believes that kids come into our lives as little teachers and make us better people.