Callah Wald

When asked why she wanted to become a surrogate, she replied, “My husband and I are a mom and a dad first. Our kiddos make our world go around, and I am consumed with the idea of gifting that to someone else.” Callah joined IARC’s family as a surrogate in 2017, completing her first journey in October 2018 by sending a beautiful baby girl home with her love-filled parents. This journey has ignited the fiery passion that is surrogacy and making the best dream (becoming parents) come true. When she isn’t sharing her surrogacy journey, she is snuggled up with the three loves of her life – Jacob (husband), Charlotte (daughter), and Harvey (son). Together they enjoy: (MN weather permitting) cooking and eating, fishing, biking, arts and crafts jam sessions, car shows, and movies. Callah is a Disney fanatic; she loves coffee, tacos, babies, dogs, and capturing precious moments with her camera.