Ruthie Chesness

Ruthie Dixon

Ruthie is a three-time surrogate who started working for IARC in the spring of 2017. She is currently on her 4th surrogacy journey! She has a master’s degree in human resource management, loves working with people, and genuinely loves connecting with all of the surrogates and intended parents. She has a passion for this line of work and finds it rewarding and inspiring to see how people can work together to make dreams come true. She enjoys educating others on the process, sharing her own experience as an IARC surrogate, and being supportive in any way she can to all IARC surrogates during their journey. When she is not working, Ruthie enjoys time with her kids whether it's watching movies together or playing a very serious game of Mario Kart. Ruthie is a true Jersey girl and loves her roots and her Philadelphia Eagles! She is a fan of the theater and also loves to sing and dance, often at the same time. As many will say, Ruthie is a unique person and they wouldn’t want her any other way.