Dear Prospective Surrogate,

We are writing this letter to you on behalf of some of our intended fathers who are faced with a unique situation as they begin their surrogacy journeys. These intended parents, as with most intended parents, feel an indescribably strong desire to become a parent of a child genetically related to them. The one obstacle they face in this process is having an HIV positive status. Upon learning this, these childless individuals fear their opportunity to be a parent disappears. However, current technology has allowed for them to regain hope of having a healthy child of their own while being confident that the surrogate’s health is protected to the full extent possible.

The most well-known and expert facility in the U.S. that assists these patients in creating a safe sperm sample to use for the IVF procedure is Bedford Research Foundation. The program they offer is called SPAR (Special Program of Assisted Reproduction). In their informational materials, they state:

“The risk of the [surrogate] or baby contracting HIV disease from this procedure is less than it would be if a pregnancy were attempted by using unprotected sex or sperm from untested specimens. As of September 2014, no one using tested semen has become infected.”

As of today, there have been no known cases of transmission of HIV to a surrogate or baby in surrogacy programs.

Many surrogates will feel hesitant about this idea, and that is perfectly understandable. However, if you feel a desire to help these intended fathers and learn more about this program, please let us know.

By indicating that you would like to learn more, it does NOT mean that you will ultimately be matched in this type of program. It simply means we will connect you with a doctor for a short phone call. We have multiple past IARC surrogates who have matched with parents using the SPAR program if you would like to speak with any of them about their experience.

At IARC, our goal is to help as many people become parents who have the desire to experience that joy in life as well as ensure our surrogates are safe and supported in their journeys. You are giving an invaluable and amazing gift, and we can never thank you enough for that.

Special Program