What are the requirements for becoming a surrogate?

  • Between the age of 21-41
  • Live in a surrogate-friendly state (most states are)
  • No more than 3 c-sections
  • BMI below 32 (can start process when above this, but need to be no higher than 32 at time of medical screening)
  • Healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy history with at least one previous pregnancy and delivery. If you are unsure if something in your history would disqualify you, ask us or take a short questionnaire to see if you pre-qualify!
  • Does not smoke, use drugs, or abuse alcohol
  • No significant history of depression or any mental health illness
  • If necessary, willing to travel to a non-local U.S. clinic for medical screening and embryo transfer. All expenses paid and you are compensated additionally.
  • Has an adequate support system.   A spouse/significant other, if applicable, is required to be a significant part of the process so they need to be very supportive of this journey.
  • No criminal record with felony convictions. All applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Financially stable and not financially-reliant on public assistance such as food stamps (does not include use of state medical insurance).

Are you interested in becoming a surrogate?

If you are wondering if surrogacy is right for you or if you would qualify to be a surrogate, complete this questionnaire and a Surrogate Coordinator will be in touch to go over this with you.