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I had the best experience with IARC.  They guided me through every step, starting with the first phone call explaining the surrogacy process, all the way to the court proceeding and beyond.  My coordinator was absolutely wonderful and was patient and nice answering my many questions.  IARC made me feel very comfortable about choosing surrogacy and the best agency.  Thank you to everyone who helped make my and the parents’ dreams come true.

HollyIARC Surrogate | July 2018

Working with IARC has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  As a surrogate, I was warmly and carefully assisted through each step of the journey and was never alone or on my own at any time.  I was perfectly matched with an amazing set of intended parents and had the most wonderful program coordinator to help facilitate the journey.  IARC is composed of a team who genuinely care about you.  I would be proud to work with them again.

ErikaIARC Surrogate | April 2018

We had a great experience and it helped to have a knowledgeable & helpful agency to work with.

AaronSpouse of an IARC Surrogate | October 2014

This was my first journey as a gestational carrier.  After a lot of research I ended up choosing IARC after my initial phone call.  I felt like such a priority!  The matching process was also such a joy.  Everyone on the IARC team really has their ducks in a row!  From the first phone call to after giving birth, I always felt valued and needed.  They acted as an additional support system which was all I could ask for.  Thank you!

EmilyIARC Surrogate | April 2018

IARC has been our guardian angels for four years!  Thanks to having the American Dream come true and we are now a family of 4 with adorable twins!  The Minnesota twins!

O&NIARC Dads, Switzerland | February 2018

From my first phone call to IARC to inquire, all the way to court with my IPs, the staff has been amazing.  This whole journey and experience has exceeded my expectations.  I am and will be forever grateful to IARC for fulfilling my dream of being a surrogate.  I hope to always keep the connection that we have.  Thank you!

RachelIARC Surrogate | January 2018

Joining IARC has been the best experience. I have met so many new people also working with IARC. Being able to carry a baby for another couple has forever changed my life.

LisaIARC Surrogate | October 2014

My experience with IARC was very positive! You all made the process simple and explained each step clearly. I really felt like I was part of a family. It can be a pretty intimidating process so it really helped that I could contact IARC anytime and felt like I was talking to a friend. Thank you for the amazing ride.

KellyIARC Surrogate | August 2014

Becoming a parent by international surrogacy is a complex procedure which should never be taken lightly. IARC supported us through every stage of the process, from finding us the ideal surrogate carrier, finding a pro-active fertility clinic and helping us to find the right donor. Their excellent communication and appoachability at all times reassured us that we were on track, right up until the time our darling baby was born and became legally ours.

H&DIARC Parents, United Kingdom | October 2013

Every evening before going to bed I look at my marvelous child for a long time, and I think of how lucky I am to have found an agency where everyone is respectful and kind and tries their best to make you feel comfortable, without making you feel like a number as many others do… This has been key for me to overcome the difficulties during the journey and to successfully reach my goal in the end!

M.IARC Dad, Italy | October 2013

We had an excellent experience with IARC and got our first baby girl, R., with their help. From day one we had a personal and close guidance with all the procedures, paper work and any question we had. Everything was organized ahead and when we got to the hospital after birth we were immediately given a room with the baby and made all the necessary decisions. Steve prepared both us and the surrogate for the court hearing and everything went smoothly and exactly as Steve said. The passport procedure was also very organized with Steve having all the necessary documents and it went smoothly and was very short.  The best thing is that we are now starting the procedure for our next baby with the wonderful help of the IARC team.

G&RIARC Parents, Israel | January 2013